5 Reasons Why 1,000s Of People & Businesses Are Choosing PrimeTracking

And here are the big five reasons why everyone is finally not relying on bluetooth airtags or your phone… and choosing the worlds most accurate, high-quality, peace of mind real-time GPS tracker called Safetrack by PrimeTracking

June 10th, 2022 - 6 min. 45 sec. read

  • 1. Keep track of your loved ones no matter where they are

    Keeping track of your loved ones can be difficult, especially if they're always on the go.

    SafeTrack is the perfect app for busy families and professionals. With our real-time location updates, you can keep an eye on your loved ones at all times. Our easy-to-use app provides real-time location updates for peace of mind. Never worry again about where your loved ones are - with SafeTrack, you’ll always know exactly where they are. With an unlimited range throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, you can keep an eye on them no matter where they are.

  • 2. Get notified immediately when help is needed

    You never know when you or a loved one might need help, and being able to get that help as quickly as possible is crucial.

    We all hope that we'll never have to use it, but having a safety plan in place is better than not having one at all. Emergencies happen when we least expect them, so wouldn't it be great to have a way to get help quickly?

    SafeTrack can let you program the SOS button to receive a real-time alert on your mobile phone and/or email when it's pressed indicating your family member may need help so you can come to their aid as quickly as possible.

    With SafeTrack, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're always just a few clicks away from getting the help you need.

  • 3. Safety is at your fingertips

    It's hard enough managing your own life, let alone trying to keep track of your loved ones. You don't have time for that!

    SafeTrack makes it easy for you to stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you are. It is easy to use, whether you're managing it from your smartphone or computer. With our user-friendly app, you can keep track of your loved ones with ease. And if you ever need to check in on the go, our interface makes it easy to do so from any mobile or desktop device.

  • 4. Keep an eye on your loved ones without them ever knowing

    You want to be able to track your loved ones, but you don't want them to feel like they're being monitored.

    Most people understand the importance of safety, but no one wants to feel like they're being watched. That's why our GPS tracker is so small and portable, so you can keep an eye on them without them ever knowing. SafeTrack is the perfect solution for families who want to keep an eye on their loved ones without infringing on their independence.

  • 5. Looking for a GPS tracker that can keep going without needing to be recharged?

    With up to 2 weeks of battery life, SafeTrack will keep going as long as you need it to. No need to worry about recharging it every day like other GPS tracking devices.

    Plus, it’s built to withstand the elements. Whether your tracker is hidden under a car seat or in a backpack, it will keep working in almost any condition.

  • 6. Being able to relax and not worry about your loved ones when they're out of your sight

    It's hard enough keeping track of our loved ones without having to worry about them all the time. But what if you could set up a virtual fence around their location and get notified when they leave or enter that area?

    With the SafeTrack app, you can easily create a geofence on Google Maps and receive notifications when your tracker enters or leaves that area. Whether you're at work, out running errands, or on vacation, SafeTrack will help you stay in the know.

    Knowing that you can get notified immediately if they leave or enter a designated area gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your time away from them.

Happy Mom here!

"My son has special needs, and as he's growing up, I'm trying to encourage him to be more independent so that he can build confidence. That said, I still worry endlessly about where he is when he ventures out. He doesn't have the dexterity to operate a cell phone, which makes the SafeTrack so perfect. I can always see where he is and he can press the SOS button to alert me if he needs me."

★★★★★ - Aphrodite K

Lessened my anxiety

"My father has dementia and I bought SafeTrack in case he ever wanders outside and gets lost. SafeTrack has lessened my anxiety by so much because it allows me to see where he is at all times. It saved me from going on a manhunt once when I checked his location and found that he had walked to a gas station 3 miles from home."

★★★★★ - Maribel L

You just never know

"For our first child we were very nervous about leaving her with our nanny. So we bought SafeTrack and put it in our stroller. We were able to track and see where the nanny was taking our child, how long she spent in the library with our baby. Overall I'm super happy to be checking the app to make sure our baby is safe because you just never know"

★★★★★ - Robert B

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Customer support is beyond compare

At SafeTrack, we're committed to providing the best customer service possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns, our team is available 24/7 to help you.

"Customer support is super helpful and patient with questions. Highly recommend."

★★★★★ - Derrick S

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  • A must for the directionally challenged


    “My Mom has the worst sense of direction. Like, THE WORST. I could take her to the end of her driveway, blindfold her and turn her around three times, remove the blindfold, and she wouldn’t know where she was. SafeTrack has made it SO easy for me to know where she is all the time, so when she inevitably calls me because she’s lost and can’t figure out where to go, I can pull up the map in the app and help her.”

    Leona P

  • Worth every dime


    “I work in entertainment production, which means we ship a lot of incredibly expensive equipment all over the country. I was sick of these trunks getting “lost” in transit or mysteriously going missing, so I taped a SafeTrack inside each case. Handy that it’s black because it blends right in. Lo and behold, the next time a trunk full of cameras went missing, I was able to track it to an employee’s home.”

    Victor C



    “While working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, I got used to being near my baby girl. It was so nice. Having to resume normal work patterns in the office was gut wrenching. I asked her nanny if I could put SafeTrack in the baby bag (it’s so small it barely takes up room) so I could check on her to ease my mind. Now I get to peek at all my girl’s adventures around town throughout the day.”

    Susan L.

  • Trust but verify


    “My brother tanked his car recently and I’ve been forced to let him borrow my treasured Mustang to get to and from important appointments (ONLY). I was driven to distraction by anxiety every time he was out with it, so I tossed SafeTrack into the trunk to monitor. The app showed me how fast and recklessly he was driving and where he was going (hint: not to appointments). I snapped the keys back right away. Sorry bro.”

    Chad M

  • Happy Mom here!


    “My son has special needs, and as he’s growing up, I’m trying to encourage him to be more independent so that he can build confidence. That said, I still worry endlessly about where he is when he ventures out. He doesn’t have the dexterity to operate a cell phone, which makes the SafeTrack so perfect. I can always see where he is, and he can press the SOS button to alert me if he needs me.”

    Aphrodite K

  • Preserves pride and dignity


    “My Dad’s memory is starting to go, and it’s worrisome for me (and humiliating for him) when he wanders off and doesn’t know how to get back home. The man’s still got his pride (but doesn’t know how to use a cell phone), so we agreed he would tuck SafeTrack into his fanny pack before he goes for his strolls. If he gets lost, he doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of asking for help or trying to find a phone; he just hits the SOS button, I get an alert, and I can find him right away. Life (and dignity) saver.”

    Adrienne R.