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PrimeTracking GPS products were designed to be durable, accurate, quiet, convenient, and long-lasting, making them the perfect solution for so many situations.

  • Awesome tracker!


    “My daughter is a new driver and always forgets to check in with me when she's out. SafeTrack gives me MAJOR peace of mind. If she forgets to call and say she made it to her friend's house, work, etc we can check on her. She likes it because she doesn't get nagged as much anymore. I can see so many useful possibilities for SafeTrack...young latch key kids, elderly, special needs, suspicious behavior, car, boat, bike, hiking, running, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

    Jenn B

  • Lessened my anxiety


    “My father has dementia and I bought SafeTrack in case he ever wanders outside and gets lost. SafeTrack has lessened my anxiety by so much because it allows me to see where he is at all times. It saved me from going on a manhunt once when I checked his location and found that he had walked to a gas station 3 miles from home!”

    Maribel L

  • Safe driving


    “I own a small company with two company cars and was curious about where my company vehicles go. The thing that impressed me most is that SafeTrack tracks speed, which I find really useful to see if my employees are driving safely.”

    Smith R

  • All the data


    “My brother borrows my car on the weekends to work UBER so he can make some extra money. I wasn’t sure how to charge him for the use of my car other than to just guess. I bought this based on the fact that it shows speed, mileage, and usage. It allows me to have all the data so that I can ask for a percentage of whatever he makes. Definitely very useful!”

    Jennifer M

  • Peace of mind


    “SafeTrack gave my family peace of mind during a recent cross-country move. We were so nervous about the whereabouts of our furniture and belongings that we put SafeTrack in one of the boxes. It gave us moment-by-moment information about the truck's whereabouts at all times. It turns out that the truck driver was an honest and reliable guy, but this tracker gave us the back-up we needed.”


  • Accurate tracking


    “I came across SafeTrack after recently getting my car stolen. Because I own 3 other cars, I wasn't going to risk having another one of my vehicles taken, so I leave a GPS tracker in each car just in case. And to test it out, my wife and kids drove out the cars to different cities, as far as 60 miles, to see the accuracy of the tracking. It worked!”

    Anisa M

  • You just never know


    “For our first child we were very nervous about leaving her with our nanny. So we bought SafeTrack and put it in our stroller. We were able to track and see where the nanny was taking our child, how long she was waiting around, and how long she spent in the library with our baby. Overall I'm super happy to be checking the app to make sure our baby is safe because you just never know.”

    Robert B

  • Worked perfectly!


    “I love this unit. It fits nicely into my son’s pocket and we used it at Disney 3 weeks ago, and it worked perfectly! It’s very sturdy and the battery lasts a LONG TIME! I had one small problem and the customer service was extremely helpful! I even got a call from the CEO to make sure my issue was resolved.”

    Aruna R

  • Recommended for all car nerds!


    "My hubby is obsessed with his car, constantly tinkering with it and modding it. For Father’s Day I gave him CarSmart so he could fully nerd out over all the data it reports. He loves it and has recommended it to all his gearhead friends."

    Elvira M.

  • Alerts for maintenance issues


    "We were headed to Portland recently, and luckily CarSmart reported an issue with the battery. I was able to get it changed before the long trip up. Can't imagine what a hassle it would have been to get the battery replaced in the middle of nowhere!"

    Abigail P

  • Got the car back!


    "My daughter's car was stolen from her work; she found it missing when she left at 9pm and we got it back by 10pm because of this device. We were also able to provide every stop and start and where they went with the car. I have to say this little thing is fantastic and I highly recommend it!"

    Stephanie S

  • Just plug and go


    "I don't think any of the other GPS products I had in the past were been able to detect anything wrong with my vehicle, which has been an immense help since my car is prone to a lot of engine problems. In fact recently, the engine alert popped up on the app and forced me to take the car to the shop before the whole quarantine thing happened."

    Marley T

  • Perfect for young, new drivers


    "We used this for our son's first car. It tells you where their car is at all times, lets you know if they're speeding and even can send alerts when they leave an area you specify. This is a must have for new drivers."

    Dawn N

  • Perfect for worried parents


    "Ever since we installed this little guy in my daughter's Nissan, she has not received any parking or speeding tickets. The speed alerts have been pretty effective, considering she has not driven over the speed limit since installing the device. But most importantly, this avoids her getting another ticket, which saves me at least a couple hundred bucks!"

    Emilee H

  • Gives a great deal of comfort


    "The setup was easy peasy. We got it for our son who just started driving because we want to know his overall driving performance. As parents, we want to ensure his safety on the road. Plus, the app is very user friendly."

    Amy W

  • Not bulky, just the right size


    "My old tracker was not as fast as it used to be, so I decided to invest in a new one. Not only is CarSmart compact in size but also very efficient. In just a matter of seconds, the app will update me with new info."

    Sawyer A


Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when the package hits your doorstep. Our customer service team is available 24/7 through webchat, phone, email, and text message, and monthly subscriptions are affordable and flexible.

  • “Very impressed; everything was very accurate. The customer support is beyond anything I ever experienced.”


  • “This is the second tracking device I purchased and this product by far is the most accurate and reliable. Subscription is very cheap compared to its uses and the option to cancel it any time.”

    Janet L

  • “This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had. The few tech questions I had were answered immediately and competently. I can't say enough good things about the excellent customer service I received.”

    Moira M

  • It is absolutely amazing!

    It just makes me feel really secured, and every mom out there wants to feel that way. Every parent, not just mom! So, if you're looking for a compact, discreet GPS tracker that lasts a long time, and it's very very accurate, I highly recommend the PrimeTracking GPS Tracker.


  • It really helped me and my family.

    Celeste: As my parents are getting older, I worry about them a lot. Especially my mom. (...) One time, she gave us a really huge scare: she got lost and confused. (...) I've found this really cool GPS tracker, and this really helped me out a lot...


  • This thing is really handy!

    I have couple of exotic cars that I rent out. I'm able to track where all of my customers are going through the geofencing capabilities. I can track everything on my phone or any smart device.


  • This small, little, compact tracker is awesome!

    I just want to keep my kids safe and, so, I've put one of these little goodies in their car. Just to make sure where they at, that they are at soccer practice when they say they are at the soccer practice, or piano lessons, or whatever it is they got going on.


  • It was pretty easy to set up!

    It came in pretty quickly in the mail, and it was pretty easy to setup. I've just charged it once, set my account up online and it was ready to go!