Harness the power of real-time GPS tracking, powered by lightning fast 4G LTE speeds. Empower yourself or your business with information that drives security, peace of mind, and safety.

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PrimeTracking brings the industry’s fastest and most robust GPS tracking devices to you--affordably. Protect what you love.


Personal GPS Tracker

A portable, lightweight, virtually undetectable real-time GPS tracking device equipped with an SOS button.

Best for
Children Spouses
Elderly Parents Theft Protection


OBD2 Vehicle GPS Tracker

A plug-and-play GPS tracking device for vehicles that tracks, monitors, and reports on vehicle health, diagnostics, performance, route history, speed, geofence alerts, harsh driving, and more.

Best for
Fleet Management Car Dealerships
Teen drivers Rideshare drivers
  • This replaced another GPS tracker that was connected to my wife's car. She sometimes gets confused and lost. This one was small enough to go in her purse and so far has worked perfectly. Location reporting is excellent. It’s a great source of comfort to be able to know where she is.

    Valerie D
  • Customer support is super helpful and patient with questions. Highly recommend.

    Derrick S
  • My son has a babysitter when my husband and I go to work and he comes back from school. The geo-fencing really works and is super helpful, it tells us when they leave and come back to the house. If he’s ever in trouble the SOS button will really come in handy. He hasn’t had to use it yet but I love that it's there just in case.

  • Great no nonsense GPS tracker and awesome tech support from the PrimeTracking staff. We have 15 trackers we use for our fleet of equipment. We can locate where everyone is on one Google map and see the route history, idling, speed and stop data points. Highly recommend these units.

  • I am very impressed with this GPS tracker; customer support was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We use it to track our teens when they’re driving. It tells us how fast they’re going, which is very helpful for our peace of mind.

    Howard M
  • This is the first time I have used any sort of real-time GPS tracker and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Extremely easy to set up.

    Casey S


We’re committed to helping you feel safe and secure with the best portable GPS technology in the business.

Remote, Real-Time GPS Tracking

Lightning Fast 4G LTE Speeds, The Best In The Industry

Easy-To-Use Desktop + Mobile Apps

Durable Construction + Small Size

Fast, Friendly, 24/7 Customer Support

Lifetime Happiness Guarantee

Thank you PrimeTracking!


Keep loved ones and vehicles safe and secure, with peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

  • Preserve dignity and independence of elderly parents without sacrificing peace of mind or your ability to come to their aid.

  • Empower children with special needs to pursue more independence, while maintaining safety and security.

  • Rest assured that you’ll always know where your vehicle is, whether it’s being rented out, borrowed by a friend, or even stolen. Never wonder or worry again!

“Got this mini GPS tracker for our son for our family trip to Universal Studios. We put in his backpack and it gave us the peace of mind we all needed. Everyone enjoyed the trip without worrying about anything.”


Stay ahead of the competition.


Protect your assets and your business with PrimeTracking.

  • Manage fleet vehicles more effectively. Know about maintenance “items” before they become maintenance “issues.”

  • Monitor employees for their safety and for customer service. Did they go where (and when) they were supposed to?

  • Track expensive equipment and tools to avoid theft and “misplacement.”

"After two incidents of stolen property from our construction site, we invested in PrimeTracking's GPS trackers for all of our survey equipment. This paid off with a single recovery of equipment worth $125,000+. The trackers gave us great intel on the location of the equipment and, working with local law enforcement, we were able to recover it along with a multitude of other stolen equipment. I would recommend PrimeTracking to anyone looking for GPS tracking of any equipment, materials, or vehicles." Michael G.


Our real-time GPS trackers help you keep track of whatever you value most: kids, employees, assets, family, vehicles, and more.

  • “This is awesome! Do you need to keep track of something important in real-time? This does it! My son placed SafeTrack in his truck while he let a friend borrow it, and we had real-time updates. I have used it in luggage as well.”

    Stephen P
  • “We needed this. We found out that our daughter was speeding every time she drove. Going 55 in a 35...she knows better. In the app we could easily see how fast she was going.”

  • “I was so worried every time my nanny took out my kids for a stroll. The geofence feature sends me a notification whenever they are out of the house and I can monitor them in my real-time screen with no worries. Alerts and updates are sent instantly, it's so COOL!”

    Diane R
  • “We use this GPS tracking device for our 87 year old mother. It gives incredible peace of mind when we call her and she doesn’t answer the phone (we live out of state). We immediately go to the PrimeTracking app and can see that she is out shopping or lunch with her friends. It was difficult to navigate through all the GPS units out there, but we couldn’t be happier with this one. It has a long battery life, longer than a week, but we have our mother charge it on a regular weekly schedule so she is less apt to forget. The support staff are phenomenal and always reply promptly. Just extremely happy with this product and their incredibly knowledgeable and patient staff!”