SafeTrack Mini GPS Tracker for Seniors

SafeTrack Mini GPS Tracker for Seniors

Love them, even from a distance.

Instead of constantly worrying about elderly parents with dementia or loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, use the SafeTrack Mini GPS Tracker to see where they are and where they’ve been. With real-time tracking, unbeatable accuracy, and an SOS button, you can be informed and prepared to help.


SafeTrack Mini is the perfect tracking device for elderly loved ones, teens and toddlers thanks to its small size, light weight, wireless portability, and reliability.

Concerned that Dad’s driving is becoming a little...risky?

Worried about Grandma wandering away from the house while you’re at work? Want Mom to feel independent while still keeping her safe?

  • Get live, real-time location updates every 10 seconds with fast, reliable 4G LTE speeds.
  • Monitor someone’s location from right next door or a thousand miles away with the easy-to-use iOS or Android smartphone app.
  • Program the SOS button on the tracking device to be instantly alerted when your aging loved one needs you.
  • Rest assured that with an industry-leading battery life, you’re always covered with minimal hassle.
  • No crippling contracts and no hidden fees, plus a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

SafeTrack is Small, Light, and Ultra-Convenient

We designed the SafeTrack Mini GPS Tracker for Seniors to be so unobtrusive, it’s virtually forgettable--in the best way!

Slip it into a pocket

Always know where your loved one is.

Stash it in the car

Keep an eye on driving habits, speed, and safety.

Tuck it into a purse or backpack

Don’t embarrass Mom with garish “panic jewelry.”


  • Draw a perimeter (a “geofence”) around homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes--anywhere. If it’s on Google Maps, you can geofence it.
  • Get an alert immediately if the GPS tracker goes beyond the perimeter.
  • Intercept wandering seniors before they’re in danger.
“At 75, my Mom is very fit and loves to walk, but the reality is, she struggles mentally. Although most days are fine, at times we would get concerned when she wanted to go for a walk. My sister would freak out if she was gone too long, and we didn't have a clue where she was. (Mom doesn’t use a cell phone.) We’ve only had SafeTrack for 2 days and I can't believe how much relief it has already provided.”

Shawn B.


  • Program the SOS button to send an emergency alert to your phone and/or email when pressed.
  • Know their location immediately and come to their aid.
  • Respond more quickly during potential medical emergencies.
“I bought this tracking device for my elderly father, who has Alzheimer's, when I am at work. Setup was very easy. The SOS button is an added bonus, so whenever my dad needs help, the tracker is right there on his belt and he can use that button to get in touch.”


With PrimeTracking, Your Loved Ones Are In Good Hands

It’s not just the SafeTrack Mini GPS Tracker that’s keeping thousands of disabled people, dementia patients, and seniors safe; it’s our 24/7 customer support agents, too. We’re standing by via phone, text, or email to answer your questions.

  • “My father has dementia, and I bought this in case he ever goes outside and gets lost. SafeTrack has lessened my anxiety so much because it allows me to see where he is at all times. It once saved me from going on a manhunt, when I checked his location and found that he had wandered to a gas station 3 miles from home!”

  • “This has been a life saver. My husband has mild dementia and drives to the gym close to home. When he gets lost, I can get him home or to the gym. It allows him to still have some independence even with memory issues. When he no longer drives, it will go in his pocket.”

  • “I love SafeTrack and the simplicity of use. I purchased this to go in my mom's car due to the beginnings of Alzheimers. I can quickly see her location, get notified by text when she leaves and enters the geofence area, and can review her travels to see if she’s shown signs of getting lost. The customer support is the best!”


Peace of Mind Has Never Been So Affordable

At PrimeTracking, we’re committed to bringing security and comfort to as many people as possible. Our personal GPS tracking devices are the most accurate in the industry, using lightning fast 4G LTE instead of the standard 3G, for the same price as our competitors (or less).

Unparalleled location tracking starts at just 56 cents a day.


Billed Monthly

+$49 SafeTrack GPS Tracker for Seniors (one time cost)

24-hour support. Cancel any time.


Billed Yearly

+ $49 SafeTrack GPS Tracker for Seniors (one time cost)

24-hour support. Cancel any time.


Billed Every 6 Months

+$49 SafeTrack GPS Tracker for Seniors (one time cost)

24-hour support. Cancel any time.

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PrimeTracking 4-Minute Quick Start Video


Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when the package hits your doorstep. Our customer service team is available 24/7 through webchat, phone, email, and text message, and monthly subscriptions are affordable and flexible.

  • “Very impressed; everything was very accurate. The customer support is beyond anything I ever experienced.”


  • “This is the second tracking device I purchased and this product by far is the most accurate and reliable. Subscription is very cheap compared to its uses and the option to cancel it any time.”

    Janet L

  • “This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had. The few tech questions I had were answered immediately and competently. I can't say enough good things about the excellent customer service I received.”

    Moira M

Have a question?


Does SafeTrack make any noise?

No, the unit is completely silent.

Where can I use SafeTrack?

The SafeTrack personal GPS tracking device quickly and easily tracks throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada.

How accurate are your GPS tracking devices?

SafeTrack communicates using 4G LTE signal, so wherever there is cell service, SafeTrack will work. When cell service fails SafeTrack uses satellite coverage as a back-up, though accuracy may be reduced. If in the unlikely event SafeTrack can’t find an acceptable signal in your area, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How big is SafeTrack?

We designed SafeTrack to be as subtle as possible. It measures 2.7” x 1.5” x 0.9”. It is black, lightweight (just 2.2 oz!), silent, and constructed from durable, heavy-duty plastic.