Our Story

We started the PrimeTracking GPS company because I wanted peace of mind for my wife and I when we had our first child. We were lucky to find a great nanny we really liked, but as first time parents, we were nervous! While I was working full time, I was curious to know where my baby was and what she and her nanny were up to. 

I bought nearly a dozen different GPS trackers from other GPS device manufacturers trying to solve this worry, and each one was missing something. I knew there had to be other caregivers, families, and parents out there with the same kind of problem...so I decided to do it right, and started PrimeTracking. Whether you’re a business owner looking for accurate fleet management or the caregiver of a wandering parent suffering from dementia, we’ve got the tools (and a 24/7 customer support team) to help.

Jared, CEO

Our Mission

As a manufacturer of high quality GPS trackers, we’re committed to helping you feel safe, secure, and empowered by information.


    Protect your loved ones and your assets for as little as $17 a month, with a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app.


    With durable, long lasting GPS tracking units and a customer service team standing by to help 24/7, you’ll never be left hanging. There’s no other GPS tracking company out there with the customer support we offer.


    PrimeTracking GPS technology is the best in the industry, with the core focus of providing the most accurate location data possible.

See What PrimeTracking Can Do

  • “This is awesome! Do you need to keep track of something important in real-time? This does it! My son placed SafeTrack in his truck while he let a friend borrow it, and we had real-time updates. I have used it in luggage as well.”

    Stephen P
  • “We needed this. We found out that our daughter was speeding every time she drove. Going 55 in a 35...she knows better. In the app we could easily see how fast she was going.”

  • “I was so worried every time my nanny took out my kids for a stroll. The geofence feature sends me a notification whenever they are out of the house and I can monitor them in my real-time screen with no worries. Alerts and updates are sent instantly, it's so COOL!”

    Diane R
  • “We use this GPS tracking device for our 87 year old mother. It gives incredible peace of mind when we call her and she doesn’t answer the phone (we live out of state). We immediately go to the PrimeTracking app and can see that she is out shopping or lunch with her friends. It was difficult to navigate through all the GPS units out there, but we couldn’t be happier with this one. It has a long battery life, longer than a week, but we have our mother charge it on a regular weekly schedule so she is less apt to forget. The support staff are phenomenal and always reply promptly. Just extremely happy with this product and their incredibly knowledgeable and patient staff!”