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GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer

Mini Personal GPS Tracker.

safetrack real time personal gps tracking device
GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer
GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer
GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer
GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer
GPS Tracker / Special Turo Host Offer

Mini Personal GPS Tracker.

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SafeTrack is a real-time personal GPS tracking device powered by wireless 4G LTE technology. It’s small, lightweight, durable, and silent--you might even say it’s undetectable. The long battery life of this portable GPS tracker means you’ll never be without the knowledge you need to have true peace of mind.

Use SafeTrack to monitor the live location of children, nannies with infants, elderly parents, vehicles, equipment, tools, and more. Set up a geofence and receive a notification whenever the tracker enters or leaves the area. You can even program the SOS button to receive a real-time alert on your mobile phone and/or email when it's pressed--indicating your family member may need help.

Easily managed with a user-friendly iOS/Android smartphone app or on a desktop computer, SafeTrack has unlimited GPS range throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Keep an eye on your loved ones no matter how far away they (and their personal GPS tracker) are. Check out our QuickStart video below for more!

SafeTrack: Protect What You Love.



Elderly Parents

Theft Prevention

Nannies + Sitters


Personal Safety Device for Elderly People

If you’re worried about Mom beginning to wander, or Dad’s increasingly questionable driving skills at night, SafeTrack is the small, reliable, lightweight solution.

  • Portable personal GPS tracking devices alleviate a tremendous amount of worry by always letting you know where your elderly loved one is.
  • Easily set up a “geofence” in the PrimeTracking app to define boundaries of an area on Google Maps. When the tracker enters or leaves the area, you’ll get a notification to your smartphone or email, so you’ll always be in the know.
  • Older people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia may be prone to wandering, causing their caregivers and family to panic. With SafeTrack, there are no more frantic manhunts! Just pull up the app to find your loved one in seconds.
  • Better yet, if they realize they have become lost, they can press the SOS button on the tracker to alert you that they need help, so you can come to their aid as quickly as possible.
  • SafeTrack protects and respects the dignity of older people better than garish panic bracelets or necklaces. Its small size, subtle black color, and silent operation make it easy to conceal inside a pocket, purse, or fanny pack. No one needs to know, except the two of you!
GPS Tracking Device for Kids

Every parent can relate to the heart-dropping sensation when you can’t find your kids. Most teenagers can be tracked by their cell phones these days, but what about younger kids off on their own adventures?

The SafeTrack personal GPS tracker is the quickest, easiest way to locate your children when they’re on the go. 

  • Tuck it into strollers or baby carriers to keep track of your infant or toddler when you’re out in public.
  • Drop it into your child’s pocket or backpack and let them run off with friends at theme parks.
  • Save yourself the extra morning commute, and allow your kiddos to ride the bus or walk to school with less worry, thanks to sophisticated and easy-to-use geofencing technology.
  • Teach your children to use the SOS button, and get an alert on your smartphone if they need your help.

With a long battery life and durable construction, SafeTrack can stand up to all kinds of adventures and activities! Plus, it’s so small and lightweight they’ll hardly notice it.

Portable Safety Tracking Device for Special Needs Individuals

Individuals with special needs can build confidence in their skills and abilities by exercising independence in their daily activities. However, caregivers can often suffer from acute anxiety while their charge is out of their hands-on care.

SafeTrack solves this challenge in two ways: first, it provides caregivers with the information they need to know where their loved one is. Second, it gives the user an easy way to immediately signal for help if they need it, with the easy-to-use SOS button.

  • SafeTrack is easier and simpler to use than a cell phone, especially for those with mobility or dexterity issues.
  • A small, lightweight, portable GPS tracker can empower special needs individuals with more freedom, without the indignity of “panic jewelry.”

Special needs do not have to mean limited freedom. Adding SafeTrack to your caregiver toolkit gives both you and your loved one independence, security, safety, and peace of mind.

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PrimeTracking 4-Minute Quick Start Video


  • A must for the directionally challenged


    “My Mom has the worst sense of direction. Like, THE WORST. I could take her to the end of her driveway, blindfold her and turn her around three times, remove the blindfold, and she wouldn’t know where she was. SafeTrack has made it SO easy for me to know where she is all the time, so when she inevitably calls me because she’s lost and can’t figure out where to go, I can pull up the map in the app and help her.”

    Leona P

  • Worth every dime


    “I work in entertainment production, which means we ship a lot of incredibly expensive equipment all over the country. I was sick of these trunks getting “lost” in transit or mysteriously going missing, so I taped a SafeTrack inside each case. Handy that it’s black because it blends right in. Lo and behold, the next time a trunk full of cameras went missing, I was able to track it to an employee’s home.”

    Victor C



    “While working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, I got used to being near my baby girl. It was so nice. Having to resume normal work patterns in the office was gut wrenching. I asked her nanny if I could put SafeTrack in the baby bag (it’s so small it barely takes up room) so I could check on her to ease my mind. Now I get to peek at all my girl’s adventures around town throughout the day.”

    Susan L.

  • Trust but verify


    “My brother tanked his car recently and I’ve been forced to let him borrow my treasured Mustang to get to and from important appointments (ONLY). I was driven to distraction by anxiety every time he was out with it, so I tossed SafeTrack into the trunk to monitor. The app showed me how fast and recklessly he was driving and where he was going (hint: not to appointments). I snapped the keys back right away. Sorry bro.”

    Chad M

  • Happy Mom here!


    “My son has special needs, and as he’s growing up, I’m trying to encourage him to be more independent so that he can build confidence. That said, I still worry endlessly about where he is when he ventures out. He doesn’t have the dexterity to operate a cell phone, which makes the SafeTrack so perfect. I can always see where he is, and he can press the SOS button to alert me if he needs me.”

    Aphrodite K

  • Preserves pride and dignity


    “My Dad’s memory is starting to go, and it’s worrisome for me (and humiliating for him) when he wanders off and doesn’t know how to get back home. The man’s still got his pride (but doesn’t know how to use a cell phone), so we agreed he would tuck SafeTrack into his fanny pack before he goes for his strolls. If he gets lost, he doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of asking for help or trying to find a phone; he just hits the SOS button, I get an alert, and I can find him right away. Life (and dignity) saver.”

    Adrienne R.


Frequently Asked Questions About SafeTrack

What do I do when I get my SafeTrack?

We’ve included a helpful Getting Started pamphlet inside the box that will direct you to primetracking.com/activate, which will walk you through the easy activation steps. Make sure to have your IMEI number ready, which is found on the white sticker on the back of your GPS tracking device.

Will insurance pay for this device?

Some customers have successfully had PrimeTracking covered by their insurance company. You must get a diagnosis for wandering from your doctor and then submit the Wander form to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How long does it take for SafeTrack to fully charge?

Your personal GPS tracker will arrive approximately 50% charged, but please charge it fully for 2-3 hours before the first use. When the device is fully charged, the red PWR light will be solid.

Can SafeTrack be used without a subscription?

A PrimeTracking subscription is required in order for the personal tracking device to work. Just like a cell phone, we’re using the industry’s fastest, most accurate 4G LTE GPS technology to provide real-time location updates.

How does the SOS feature on SafeTrack work?

You can program your personal safety GPS tracker in your PrimeTracking account to send a notification to a mobile device and an email address when the SOS button is pushed and held for three seconds.

Does SafeTrack come with a SIM card?

Our personal GPS tracking devices come with a pre-built unique SIM card covering the United States, Canada, and Mexico. SafeTrack will not work with any other SIM card.

What is your return policy?

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all PrimeTracking products. If you are ever unhappy with your purchase, simply contact us to return it for a full refund.

How do I contact customer service?

Call or text us at 202-793-8131 or email us at support@myprimetracking.com. Our agents are standing by 24/7 to answer your questions.